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What's New

  Updated my About GreenImp & Past Pics pages.

  Added a new pics to my About GreenImp & Past Pics pages.
  Removed the animated background off this page.

  Totaly fixed up my site, and made it a bit more user friendly!! =)
  Added the ePSXe Pics page!!
  Removed the bleem! Pics, Game MIDIs, & Final Fantasy Anthology Art Gallery pages.

  Finally got a new pic on my About GreenImp page. Check it out.

  I got a my first car! It's my dream car too! =D Look at my 1996 Beretta Z26!
  Sorry I haven't updated in a while been busy. =/

  Updated the Game MIDIs page! Go get your new music!

  Now that stupid Tripod auto pop up closes itself! Thanks goes to DooMStalK for
    sending me the script!

  I added some floating Imps, removed some graphics to speed up IE, and
    redesigned the Menu & What's New tables.

  Look what happen to me on January 23rd. =(

  Added a net buddie's webpage to my Links page.

  I took off the fixed background on the main page because IE can't handle it.

  Hover your mouse cursor over the Final Fantasy Anthology Art Gallery link to see a
    preview of what the Menu will do! =)  Thanks goes out to my cousin Christopher
    (CDF's Webpage) for letting me learn from his HTML source!
  Slowly, but surely, there will be few more new things to come!
  Added a neat shading effect to the background. I lost some smoothness in IE because
    of it, but Netscape handles it much better.
  Updated the outdated links on the Links page. Goofy sentence huh. =)
  Added a nice shade to the tables! This caused IE loose it's smoothness with the fixed
    background. Ohh well...  The page looks better on Netscape anyway, all though it
    doesn't support the fixed background feature. =/

  New Logo! Do you like it? =)
  Fixed up some things to get the Main page to work/look smoother with IE's fixed
    background enhancement.

  I'm working on enhancing my homepage. It's still a WIP so stuff may be a bit goofy.

  I now have a sister site! Err... well... a cousin site. =)  Go check out his page!

  A new ZSNES is out!!! Get it here: ZSNES Homepage
  Added these neat bullet things. =)
  Made a minor fix to the What's New table.
  I guess the backgrounds aren't working for me for some reason. They seem to work
    fine for everyone else though. Ohh well.

  I updated the MIDI files and my Game MIDIs page.
  A few bugs that have popped up. =/ The biggest problem is IE not loading my graphic
    & music backgrounds. I'll fix them later because I'm tired, and want to go to bed.
    Good Night.
  Now IE is randomly opening my backgrounds. Hopefully I'll figure out why soon.

  Made some minor cosmetic changes.

  I redesigned my site a bit. Like the new look?
  Two new stories on the Retail Woes page. =D
  Added a new Final Fantasy Anthology Art Gallery page.


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The music you are hearing is an awesome Final Fantasy Medley called Dark Final Fantasy.
If you know who the author is of this wonderful MIDI, please E-Mail me their name so I can give them credit.