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About GreenImp 
About the Picture: A picture from Evan's party.
Name: Jesse Hatfield
Age: 23
Status: Single
For Fun: Clubbing, Amusment Parks, & Hanging Out with Friends
Favorite Sports: Snow Skiing, Basketball, Swimming, Water Skiing, & Volleyball
Attributes: 6' 6"  220 lbs
Music: Everything, but some Rap & Country.
Video Games: Emulation, Racing, & Squaresoft RPGs
Programming: Qbasic, HTML, very very little Visual Basic & C

Why GreenImp? I wanted an uncommon nickname from my favorite video game makers, Squaresoft. There are these wimpy monsters called Imps that you battle which are in Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. So I chose Imp, and then I added Green because it's my favorite color. I have some strange obsession with Green. My carpet, curtains, walls, mouse pad... Every thing is Green, and I like it! =)   I didn't realize it, but when I looked up Imp in the Dictionary it ment, A Puny Demon. =/   The Green Imp finally showed up in Chrono Trigger, but my nickname is based off the Final Fantasy II Imp monster seen below here and on the top of this page.
Final Fantasy II - Imp:
Chrono Trigger - Green Imp:


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