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I highly recommend these sites, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
A few of the sites in the General section are where I got most of my programs for my Programs page.


The Vintage Gaming Network Formally known as Dave's Video Game Classics.
This site still has the best source for Emulation news!
Zophar's Domain The greatest Domain for Emulaton news since the dawning of Emulators.
Archaic Ruins A great alternative to Zophar's Domain.
EMU News Service Was a nice place for Emulaton news. =(

General Description A very nice site that highlights the best Windows software.
NONAGS The best site to get Windows freeware & "No Nagging" shareware. Great for 3D accelerated games, patches, drivers, and more!
Videogame Music Archive Best site for with the most Game MIDI files.
RPGamer A nice site for info on your favorite video game RPGs.

Family Description
CDFs Webpage My Cousin's Homepage. He has cool eye candy and alot of creativity!

Friends Description
Wulff's Homepage EMT/Celtic Homepage.
Brian's LAN Party Our 1st LAN Party! Many fun times had, and many fun pictures. =)
John's Page Warning this is a graphic intensive Homepage. ;)
Tim's Domain His personal domain. A work in progress?
KEITH'S JAPAN CYBERPALACE Great place for Anime & more!

Net Buddies Description
Ashleys Lame Little Page She has one cool personal homepage with lots of open thoughts. A nice site starting out with alot of cool, and funny news.
Reduz's HeadQuarters A very talented MOD music composer. Grab his music NOW!
UMP He is also an amazing composer. Get his "UMP" MOD Player and Music!
Tiffany's Unofficial SquareSoft Shrine Need she say more? Squaresoft Rules!!
The Stuff A net buddie I met playing Worms Armgeddon. His page has "Great" Multimedia!


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